Posted by: huffy808 | February 24, 2011

Last minute decision, NAHBS

Sometime after finalizing Hawaii plans with Julie, I saw a posting about the North American Handmade Bike Show in Austin. It seamed so far away and having been away for weeks, I thought, “NAH”. But after returning from the Big Island, I felt the need to see my Bike Geek People and make some new contacts. Besides, I’ve really wanted to visit Austin and LiveStrong. Then there are our friends that recently moved there. Unfortunately, Julie is really busy and will not be going. She wont miss the constant, “bike, bike, camera, camera.” anyway.

So, I decided last night to make the arrangements, with help from Julie and friends, I pick up Tony Pereira at 4:30 am.

Time for dinner and packing.




  1. Wondering where you were off to…

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