Posted by: huffy808 | November 11, 2010

Film and Digital Mix for CX

This last weekend, I was not feeling up for cyclocross racing but I did want to see my friends and watch the suffering. I took the opportunity to shoot some images of the action. With the” little things” art show coming up, it would be good to get some film images that could possibly work out an idea of putting CX racing photos on wood rounds. My favorite film stock is and has been for years, Kodak, Tri-X and I usually have a roll or two around. There was one in the x-ray bag, so, off to the races.

HFV was out in force, minus a few regulars. Good to see friends and share in some Ninkasi under the awesome new team tents.

The B’s and Single-speed’s were on course and I started shooting right away. Before long, the reality of a finite image bank was obvious. A roll of 36 exposures goes fast. Frame #32 already? I took plenty of muddy action shots, now I have to plan for wanted shots; a detail, portrait and water. Shooting with the iPhone till I see the shot, making my way around the course finishing up with a glorious mud puddle shot of Eric T.

The film was run at Citizens with high rez scans. I think there is some good stuff for the wood rounds and the scans with a little work, make for some pretty fun digital shots.



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