Posted by: huffy808 | February 26, 2015

Whale of a Trip

I’m back in the studio after a trip to Hawaii with Julie. On our trip, we swam in the ocean, trained on the bike, ate very fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, made photos and paintings and shared daily stories with friends at sunset.

One of the stories we told on the beach was when Julie and I took a snorkel trip with our friend Sarah, her sister, Carrie and her husband Jim, on the Kohala Divers boat.

We were finishing up at the first dive spot. Julie and I were still in the water making our way to the boat’s ladder, when someone spotted a whale near by. A few of the chilled divers jumped back in the water to try to see the whale up close. After a futile search, everyone but Julie and I got back in the boat. We were about to do the same when Sarah whistled loudly getting my attention. I looked back at the boat and she pointed over our heads to the south and yelled, “Right there!”. The whale had turned around and was heading straight for us. I yelled, “It’s coming right at us!” and started the GoPro, checked to see the red indicator light on the back and watched for the whale. Julie was just behind me on my right. I kicked a flipper once more, right in her face. Slowly, from out of the blue, came one shadow, then two, heading our way. Julie was squealing through her snorkel. The first whale went under me by about 10 feet. I’m thinking that it could easily launch me with its huge tail, so be it. It took about four seconds to go by, showing just how large it was.

The second Humpback started to cross over the other and seemed to be heading to the surface, where I was floating. it looked at me and changed its course, veering slightly to my left. A baby whale was hidden on the shoreline side of the female. As they moved past us, I could feel the wake of these great creatures. The group moved beyond the bow of the boat, where many of our mates had jumped back in. Julie and I could not believe we just saw three Humpback whales swim a matter of a few feet away from us. We got back to the boat in near hysterics where we were congratulated by the crew and our friends. This was a very rare experience. I tried to not be too excited in front our boat mates, because I knew they wished it was them. Woohoo!!! We swam with whales!!!

Watch the video clip of Julie and I with the whale on my Bob Huff Photo FaceBook page:



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