Posted by: huffy808 | September 19, 2011

Pictures and process

I had the opportunity to photograph my friend and fellow cyclist, Mark Reber. Mark is off to Italy soon, to ride the L’Eroica, 203 kilometers of classic strada bianca roads in Tuscany. Since the ride is about celebrating the glory of classic italian cycling, I wanted to approach the shoot as if it were shot back in the day, shooting with the Hasselblad and the 4×5 view camera. The old Poloriad failed for proofing so the light meter and digital SLR with a 50mm would do fine.

Yesterday, I ran the 2,1/4 rolls and the 4×5 test sheets. It was fun to be in the darkroom and the film came out very good. My many years of film proccesing came rushing back with the smell of the chemistry.

Here is the link to the digital gallery:’Eroica_Reber/
I will post the scanned film images soon.


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