Posted by: huffy808 | October 22, 2010

Whoa! Has it been since the Tour that I’ve updated my blog?

Yes it has been that long. In the time since updating, much has happened: I finished the Tour, vacationed in Southern France with Julie, raced bikes, hosted the track series, attended a lovely family wedding,searched and found a studio space to rent(love it!), shot photos for clients new and returning, hosted my visiting sister, and so on.

It is probably better to update more frequently, but facebook and twitter seam to fulfill of much of my blogging/updating time. I have also made drafts and never publish them, there are six in the folder.

Well, today I’m in the studio working on this and that, while enjoying the nice view of tree tops and puffy clouds, out the large historic paned windows. The light from the windows has made for excellent photos so far and is an asset to this space. The east facing orientation, brings directional light in the morning and pretty consistent light through out the day. I am very excited to be in this space, in this building.

Back to tasks.

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