Posted by: huffy808 | July 8, 2010

The Transition Stages

These past couple of days, the Tour has been rolling through the hot northern country side. The stages have not been exceptionally hard for the riders or LiveSTRONG teams, but it is still quite tiring. Today, the temperature reached 95* with barily a breeze, so working in the sun for a good part of the day then driving four or more hours, it is hard to form a sentence. My French takes a beating on these days.

A quick run down of yesterday and today and then some photo. Ok?

July 7- Up at 6:15, breakfast, on the road by 7:00 to get to the Chalkbot printing. A lovely drive and the town, Liesse-Notre-Dame, was quaint with a fantasic basilica. Shot the shots, met the Mayor, checked out the church, grabbed a snack. Then it was off to the arrival town of Riems to shoot the Street team and the finish. Riems was all torn up for a what looks street car project, tough getting around. The sprint was cool and I got a nice pic of Petacchi. shot a few more street team images then off to the hotel to down load image to the drives. Clean my and myself and then meet everyone for dinner. After dinner I walked beck to the hotel and wanted to do some work. I was tired and the wifi was as crappy as the room, the AC sound like a helicopter, so Julie and chatted for just a minute and lights out.

July 8- Up at 7:30, quick breakfast, I could not wait to get out of that hotel. Simon called and informed that the Chalkbot had in dead printed in the morning and asked if I could go and cover it. I decided to stay and shoot the riders too. the village of Salain was pretty small and had no BBQ party going. After shooting the messages, I went into the center to find lunch, a small grocery store would have to do. A proper French lunch in the park with bread, sausage, cheese, mustard, strawberries, water and a beer. A nectarine too. yumm! Walked over to the raod to see the caravan and make my way up the 3k to where I parked the car. As the last caravan car went through, I quickly went and got my tripod, tuned around went back down the hill to find an angle to shoot the riders from. I decided that the best angle was from the top of a wall just after a bend. Climbed up and got ready and waited. Break away, boom, boom. three minutes and, peloton. Boom, boom, boom. It was cool to see the cruse by , but I was kind of not really watching because I was shooting with three camera at once; hand held wide lens, tripod-mounted long lens and point and shoot running video on the mini-pod. Got the shots and ran up the hill to the car, broke down my gear and searched the gps for the hotel. over two hours away. The drive took a bit longer than that because of a detour. got to the hotel, changed rooms because the wifi did not work, sat up the work station, down-loaded, edited, uploaded photos for the Nike/LiveSTRONG peeps. We walked over to a lovely restaurant on the Loire river. walked back and here I am. Tired…

That’s the run down and some photos.



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