Posted by: huffy808 | June 22, 2010

Getting closer

It’s just over a week till I head to the Netherlands for the start of the Tour de France 2010. The studying of France, it’s people, their language and geography as well as the Tour and it’s many details has been a bonus to the preparation for this trip. It would take a life time to learn all there is to know about France… (Last year, I would have found out about going, just eight days before I would leave for Nice and Monaco.) The other bonus to having a bit more advance notice of going to the Tour, is physical training. Last year I was pretty fit, masters bike racer fit. The legs longs and heart were good but the upper body needed some work. I got fit as the race went on, put the first few week was draining. Hours of driving the running around lugging camera gear takes a bit of core strength and so I have been hitting the gym and doing some running too.

Having the right gear is important as well as training and knowledge. I have bought more storage, a lens and a few other things, but am not sure if I need a second flash and a point-n-shoot camera. I’m pretty sure the camera is a must. I’ll see if the flash is affordable, I will need it eventually. Maybe I’ll get it. Hey, The TDF is good for our economy here too.

Anyway! Have lots to do and lots to study.

Au revoir!


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